Solid Poly Wheels by AIE Company Inc.
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Wheels - Solid POLY



Endura Solid Elastomer (4-6 Series Models)

Endura wheels out-perform most conventional caster wheels on the market. The secret is Colson’s solid “monoform” wheel construction. With this unique design, wheel tread and core are molded as a single unit. This eliminates wheel tread separation and bond failure.

  • Chemical Resistance. Most chemicals, greases, oils and solvents.
  • Temperature range: -45F° to +230°F.
  • Hardness: 63(±5) Shore D Scale.
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Albion XI


XI X-treme® SolidElastomerWheel

Designed specifically for high- capacity manual applications involving chemicals, solvents or water. X-tremely low rolling resistance provides the ergo- nomic qualities you demand. One-piece construction affords freedom from tread separation with an exceptionally long life. Non-marking, floor protective tread. Enhance the appear- ance of your equipment by selecting virtually any wheel color! Personalize with your company name!

  • Hardness: 75 Shore D
  • Wheel Face: Moderate crown
  • Finish: XI Green
  • Temperature Range: up to +200 degrees Fahrenheit
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Albion XP


XP X-treme® plus Solid Elastomer Wheel

Heavy duty version of XI wheel.

  • Hardness: 60 Shore D
  • Premium Polyurethane
  • Excellent for towing applications
  • Wheel Face: Moderate crown
  • Finish: XP Gray
  • Temperature Range: up to +250 degrees Fahrenheit
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Faultless K Wheel



The K-Wheel is molded from a high strength urethane compound which possesses the load characteristics of steel but gives the smooth effortless ride you expect from polyurethane. Solid wheel has no plastic or metal core thereby eliminating any possibility of tread separation. It is not affected by blood, brine, greases, oils, or most harsh chemicals. It’s steam cleanable. Temperature operating range is -50°F to +180°F. Durometer is 55D. Standard color is blue.

  • Load Capacity 300-1,500 Lbs. Each Wheel
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