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Wheels - SE Wheels

Darcor Solid Elastomer Wheel


Solid Elastomer (SE)

Particularly recommended for applications where exceptional mobility is required, Darcor Solid Elastomer “SE”wheels are designed for medium loads. Ideal for continuous use applications, “tow lines”, and in freezers. Chemical resistant.

  • Shore Hardness 55+1 “D”
  • Per caster load capacity 300-1800 lbs.
  • Tread symbol “SE”
  • Temperature ranges -40°F to +230°F
  • Extraordinary mobility
  • Low heat buildup in continuous use, ideal for tow line applications
  • Will not seize in freezer applications
  • Shock absorbing and very quiet
  • Resistant to abrasion and a wide range of chemicals
  • No maintenance required for precision bearings
  • Will not flat spot
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