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Thermoplastic Rubber on Polypropylene Dyna-Tred wheel

Faultless Dyna-Tred II Wheels


Dyna-Tred II

tested Dyna-Tred wheels, add a new variety of alternatives for wheels in E-Series casters. These wheels have the same chemical interlocking tread as its larger Dyna-Tred counterparts. These wheels give dollies, furniture, carts, and trucks a whole new look and ride.

  • Load Capacity 80-125 Lbs. Each Wheel
  • Note: Thread Guards are optional; Gray thermoplastic tread on black polypropylene core is standard. If spanner required, order separately. Plain bearing standard.
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Faultless Dyna-Tred TPR Wheels


Dyna-Tred TPR Wheels

Thermoplastic rubber resists chemicals, caustics, oils, acids, and wear. Rugged polypropylene hub wont dent, mar, fade or stain. Tread and hub are double bonded and mechanically interlocked to eliminate tread separation. Gives dollies, carts and trucks a soft and cushioned non-marking ride. Temperature operating range is -40F to +180F. Durometer is 70A.

  • Load Capacity 180-700 Lbs. Each Wheel
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