Balloon Cushion Rubber Wheels by AIE Company Inc.
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Wheels - Balloon Cushion Rubber Wheels

Durable Casters Dura-Cushion

Durable Casters


  • High modulas quality rubber tread vulcanized to aluminum core.
  • Rounded balloon cushion tread offers the best shock absorbing cushioned ride available, easily rolls over debris and small obstructions (electrical cords, floor joints, etc), offers maximum floor protection, high impact strength and ultra quiet rolling operation.
  • High modulas round tread minimizes surface friction and enables wheel to turn easily.
  • Gray & black tread colors are available; gray tread is non-marking.
  • To maximize roll-ability, we recommenfd using # 63 Sealed precision ball bearings with top hat bushings.
  • Durometer: 60 Shore A (+/-5).
  • Temperature range: -40 F to 180 F.
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