Albion Trionix High Impact Polymer Nylon Wheels by AIE Company Inc.
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Wheels - Trionix High Impact Polymer Wheels

Albion Trionix NY High Impact Polymer


Trionix™ NY High Impact Polymer

These unique high impact polymer wheels deliver superior rollability, capacity and slide resistance. Trionix™ features unique polymers that resist corrosion and most chemicals. Injection molded process.

  • Wheel face: Slight crown
  • Finish: Grey
  • Temperature Range NY: -15°F +185°F
  • Hardness: 78-82 Shore D
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Albion NX Trionix High Impact Polymer


NX Trionix™ High Impact Polymer

Similar to NY wheels except straight sided and higher capacity. Wheels are machined, not injection molded. See NY section for features and options.

  • Finish: Black
  • Temperature Range NX: -20°F +340°F
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