Colson Nylon Wheels by AIE Company Inc.
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Wheels - Moldon Nylon Aluminum Core Wheels

Colson capacity up to 1500 lbs each - 5 Series


Capacity up to 1500lbs Each - 5 Series

Brown nylon tread is molded in, around and through slots in an aluminum wheel core. This mechanical tread lock system helps prevent tread bond failures under harsh operating conditions found in meat packing and food processing industries. A nylon wheel is recommended for applications requiring a high resistance to water, oils, gasoline, grease and certain salt solutions. Nylon is also resistant to paints and lacquers, cosmetic preparations, detergents, aerosol preparations and animal and vegetable fats. (Note: Nylon tread wheels bonded to a thermoplastic wheel core are optionally available. Please consult factory.)

  • Temperature range: -45F to +180F (If metal retainer washer used, temperature range is -45 to +250 F).
  • Hardness: 70(5) Durometer Shore D scale.
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