Dock walk yard ramps by AIE Company Inc.
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Dock Equipment - Dock Yard Ramps

Bluff Stationery Loading Dock Ramps


Stationary Loading Dock Ramps

The Bluff loading dock ramp is set in place at concrete or portable steel loading dock when it is unloaded from the trailer. It is secured to the dock by chains or optional dock chain brackets. That's it, your Bluff loading dock ramp is ready to use. Steel grating with the bearing bars oriented in the direction of travel gives maximum strength while the serrated top provides excellent traction while preventing build-up of snow, water, and other debris.

  • All steel welded construction
  • 12,000 to 60,000 pounds capacities
  • Lengths from 16' to 50' and more
  • Widths from 70" to 120" and wider
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Bluff Steel Yard Ramps (SYS)


Steel Yard Ramps (SYS)

Portable Steel Yard Ramps also known as Mobile Loading Dock Ramps make unloading trucks and railcars easy. Quickly unload freight where no dock access exists. Portable Yard Ramps facilitate unloading safely and efficiently. Dock access is no longer a problem when a portable yard ramp is available.

  • All steel welded construction
  • Capacities from 16,000 to 60,000 pounds
  • Wide range of capacities and sizes available
  • Solid rubber tires standard, pneumatic tires optional
  • Steel serrated grating
  • Double-action hydraulic pump
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Bluff Portable Loading Docks/Mobile Dock Platforms


Portable Loading Docks / Mobile Dock Platforms

Portable Loading Docks also known as Mobile Dock Platforms allow a forklift to make 90 degree turn into a truck and/or boxcar. Used primarily where space will not allow a standard Yard Ramp to be used.

  • Optional adjustable, telescoping legs of 44" and 55" allow elevations to meet most dock height requirements.
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Bluff Mini Ramps


Mini Ramps

Don’t interpret incorrectly thinking that small means "not as tough". There are a world of applications that have a target height that is one-half or less of normal dock height. When your high side is 33" or less you might consider this economical solution.

  • Curb design same as Full Size Ramp
  • 8" of curb above drive surface
  • Steel Diamond Deck Approach Plates (top & bottom)
  • Serrated steel grating for traction & self cleaning
  • Capacities from 12,000 lbs to 60,000 lbs
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