Cold-forged pneumatic casters by AIE Company Inc.
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Pneumatic Casters - Cold Forged

Faultless Air Faultless Pneumatic


Air Faultless Pneumatic

Air Faultless pneumatic wheel casters are designed to absorb shock and vibration caused by floor obstructions or outdoor terrain. Moves delicate industrial loads smoothly and safely over rough bumpy surfaces.

  • Cold Forged Construction
  • Double Ball Bearing Swivel
  • 4-Ply Tires Standard on all wheel sizes provide longer wheel life and fewer repairs
  • Heavy-Duty Steel Hub Bolted for extra durability. Ball bearings offer maximum mobility
  • Lube Fittings Provided for swivel bearings
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Hamilton Series 5000


Series 5000 - Cap. to 500 lbs.

When you don't need the ruggedness of a forged steel pneumatic caster, this caster series is an ideal economical choice. The top plate matches the industry's most popular dimension and the cold-forged double ball race swivel construction assures long-lasting performance.

  • Swivel Construction formed steel mounting plate and horn base. Legs 3/16" x 2" plate steel, contoured and continuously welded to horn base.
  • Kingpin permanent rivet-type, 5/8" diameter.
  • Main and Secondary Load Bearings hardened and polished steel balls rotate in two heat treated raceways.
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