Kingpinless casters - 10000 pound by AIE Company Inc.
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Capacity up to 10,000 Pounds - Kingpinless Casters

Albion 610 Contender Kingpinless Casters


610 Contender™ Kingpinless Casters

Highly recommended for automotive and aerospace applications. This caster is built to take the punishment of constant swiveling or for service where shock or impact loads might damage less rugged casters.

  • Top Plate: 1/2" thick AISI 1045 steel precision machined and through-hardened for long life
  • Swivel Section: 3/4" ball bearings mounted in a 4-3/8" precision machined raceway
  • Legs: 3/8" thick steel welded to yoke base using 100,000 psi weld filler
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Caster Concepts 81 Series Extra Heavy Duty

Caster Concepts

Series 81 - Extra Heavy Duty

The 81 Series kingpinless style casters feature a unique single ball race design.

  • Swivel Section: Constructed from drop forged C-1045 steel. The swivel section features a large precision machined 4 inch single ball bearing load/thrust raceway. The unique design of this raceway actually places the 3/4 inch diameter load/thrust ball bearings in shear, locking the swivel section together.
  • Kingpin: Kingpinless style design
  • Legs: 3/8 inch by 4 inch legs are formed and continuously welded inside and outside
  • Axle: 1 inch, Grade 5 axle
  • Lubrication: Pre-lubricated before shipping
  • Wheels: 6 to 12 diameter roller bearing wheels have a 1-1/4 I.D. bearing and rotate on a 1-1/4 hardened and ground steel spanner bushing. All tapered bearing wheels have a 1 tapered bearing and rotate on a 1 axle.
  • Standard: Shielded swivel
  • Finish: Gold dichromatic plating
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