Integrally forged kingpin casters -10000 pound by AIE Company Inc.
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Capacity up to 10,000 Pounds - Integrally Forged Kingpin

Albion 94 TRL Super Duty Casters


94 TRL Super Duty Casters

This caster has a precision roller bearing load and thrust swivel section (thrust swivel section = "TRL") and is precision machined to provide long life with greater capacity for that very rugged application. Made from AISI 1045 drop forged steel.

  • Top Plate and Yoke Base: 1/2" thick AISI 1045 drop forged steel
  • Swivel Load Race: Precision tapered roller bearing which has 5" outside diameter for increased capacity
  • Thrust Bearing: 1-1/4" tapered roller bearing
  • Legs: 3/8" formed steel plate welded inside and outside for additional strength
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Caster Concepts Series 85 Extra Heavy Duty

Caster Concepts

Series 85 - Extra Heavy Duty

This design is used in applications where high load capacities are required and the area for the caster does not lend itself to the bulkiness of larger casters. It is also ideal where constant use under load requires a high performance caster.

  • Swivel Section: Constructed from hot forged C-1045 steel, the swivel section features a large precision machined raceway, with a precision tapered load and tapered thrust bearing.
  • Kingpin: 1-1/4 inch integrally forged kingpin with slotted adjusting nut
  • Legs: 3/8 inch by 4 inch legs are formed and continuously welded inside and outside
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Hamilton Enhanced Precision Super Duty Casters Series EPSD


Enhanced Precision Super Duty Casters Series EPSD - Cap. to 10,000 lbs.

The Enhanced Precision Super Duty (EPSD) Series is all new – new tooling, new dies, new swivel technology! The new EPSD Series is a handsome caster with good proportions and balance.

  • Swivel Construction – 1/2" thick drop forged steel mounting plate; 3/8" x 4" plate steel legs robotically welded inside and out to forged steel horn base.
  • Kingpin – 1" diameter integrally forged with mounting plate and threaded for adjustable slotted nut and cotter pin.
  • Main Load Bearing – HPI™ thrust bearing with outside diameter of 5 5/16"; raceways hardened to 58-62HRC and ground to surface finish 16 micro inches.
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